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Let me introduce myself. I am an international business coach and founder of TTT Global Network. I am a member of the Forever Living leader group in Scandinavia and a Diamond Sapphire Manager. Working with me enables a career where you are in charge. You manage your work schedule. You push your own results. Drive, effort and personal ambitions will determine your success, not your education or background. Do you want to improve your life – why wait? Discover what we can do for you, and start living your dream.


So what exactly is the Forever Living business opportunity?

Imagine you start a small business with high-quality Aloe Vera beauty and wellness products, and supplements. You talk to people, build a customer base and become their supplier. It is a perfect opportunity if you want an extra income, own a beauty clinic in need of superior products – or even better – aim for the ultimate business opportunity.

Forever Business Owner

This is how you earn money

You start off as a distributor and get revenue by sales. The true adventure begins when you start building and leading teams. You follow an easy step-by-step business program. Each time you enter the next level, you increase your income, get promoted and receive a rewarding bonus. Unlike other similar business models you keep the last income level you have achieved. 

Full training provided

TTT Global Network is an affiliate of Forever Living and we handle the process of recruiting, training and coaching new home business owners. You start with basic product training and sales. When you are ready you advance with team building, management and international business. You are trained by a personal mentor and join a team of home business owners who have already walked the path. All free! Embrace the love & support you need in order to succeed!


Working by this model opens up a new way of living, because you are in charge. You decide when you and where you want to work. You are responsible for your own results. Never mind stressful morning routines, work from home. Meet customers where they are, have a day off if you feel like it. This creates a greater balance between your work and family life. 

Forever Living Aloe Gel Original

Make a change

I went from being an exhausted massage therapist, mother & wife, working full days, to build a home business with my husband where we finally could afford a new car, a new house and give our children the best education. We are debt-free, have money saved and travel around the world on business and family vacations paid for by Forever Living. The best part, I finally had time for my children. I could work from home, prepare meals & take care of the house. My customers were anyone from people I cared about, my family and friends, neighbours, the lady at the store, former clients or other acquaintances. I invited them home, and let them see the products. When I started building teams I held the training sessions at my house. With the technology of today I do webinars and online training with no geographical boundaries. I lead teams from all over the world, many whom are living lives of great wealth. You can too.

Product training Torun Nordskaug TTT Network

A company that cares

So why should you work with Forever Living? They take pride in making quality products and own the value chain from the plantation, harvest to the product line. Every process is thoroughly executed with respect for the natural environment, and many supplements meet the strict guidelines of Halal and Kosher. I know so many people, me included, with different challenges in need of pure, natural supplements of the highest quality. This is the reason I use Forever Living products. This fuels my passion and the need to touch people lives with extraordinary products and a life changing opportunity.

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