My journey

I ran a clinic in Norway and worked as a trained massage therapist. After a while a realized I wanted to do more in life. I was tired of working early till late with just enough to get by. I loved spending time with my customers, but I felt drained and was lacking energy.

“Why are you not happy, mom? You never laugh anymore? ”

The words hit me like a ton of bricks. My son was right. I was not happy. I never allowed myself to believe I could accomplish more. I had no other education than my massage therapy, so what else could I possibly do? At one point my sister introduced me to Forever Living and said I could earn some extra money by selling their products. It was a well-known brand, so I decided to give it a try to add to my income.

The change

I built my home business gradually, and realized, this was bigger than just selling their products. I started the network business program and within a year I left the clinic. I tripled my paycheck and earned the car bonus. Soon after we bought our dream house.

I have been a part of Forever Living for more than ten years. I am in the Scandinavian leader group and have become a Diamond Sapphire Manager, which means I am financially independent for the rest of my life. I travel the world for business purposes and family vacations paid for by the Forever Living Company. The rewards are truly amazing for those who invest time and effort to build their business.

“My life changed by becoming a Forever Business Owner”

I know it sounds like a cliche. Making that choice ten years ago has given me a confidence I never had before. I can aim higher. I have accomplished things I never dreamt I could possibly do, and I push my self to achieve more. I have become a better and happier mom and wife, and I dare to follow my dreams!

You can too

Anyone can become a Forever business owner, but you need a drive and motivation to succeed. Compare yourself to any entrepreneur, except that you have an advantage. You work with a global brand and access a unique program which can triple your reward. You will be guided by a mentor and join a team who will support you.

I founded TTT Global Network as an affiliate of Forever Living. We handle the process of recruiting, training and mentoring new home business owners, so-called Forever Business Owners. I arrange social events and seminars for our members to develop, both individually and as a team. It is a remarkable experience to see how the members grow in their business. How they overcome obstacles and fears, how they develop, grow and succeed. Each step they make makes me genuinely happy. I have mentored more than hundreds of home business owners, many whom have secured their financial future.

Career change?

I want to know more